Make Extra Money from Your Worm Farm

How to make money from a worm farm

How to make extra money from your hobby or commercial worm farm

There are three main ways I am going to review in this video to make some extra money from your worms. There are ways to sell you worms to farmers, fisher people and shops. You can also sell what the worms produce. This video isn’t about setting up a hobby or commercial worm farm for profit.

Selling extra worms by the pound

Worms will double their population every three to six months. This is a great way to make some extra money selling your worms as they reproduce. You can sell worms by the worm or by the pound which is how most worms are sold. The more area the worms have and the more food the more the worms will expand their population and give you more worms you can take out to sell to other new worm farmers.

How many worms should I sell at one time?

You don’t want to sell your worms too fast or too many at one time. This will decrease your population very quickly and it will take longer for the worms to repopulate to their normal population so the best thing to do is to only sell about half of your total estimated worm population every 3 to 4 months. This will give you worms 3 to 4 months to grow back their populations over that time.

So, if you have ten pound of worms every 3 months you can sell about 5 pounds of worms every three months for profit and then have 5 pounds of worms to regrow back your population over the three months before you sell another 5 pounds of new worms.

Always make sure you are keeping your main population and watching closely that you never sell too many worms at one time.

How much can you sell worms for?

Most retailers of worms are selling a pound of worms from anywhere from $50 to $75 dollars a pound of composting worms, not including the bedding. If you would like to get into fishing worms, they typically sell for $1 per worm. You can check your local buy and sell and get a good idea of how much the worms will sell for in your area.

If you are selling composting worms for extra money with 5 pounds of worms selling 5 pounds every 3 months you could earn an extra $1000 dollars every year selling just your extra worms.

How an were can you sell your worms?

You can sell your worms in more places than you would think. One of the places you can sell worms that most people wouldn’t realize are hotels, motels, B&B’s and inns. These places in the summer time have many people coming to fish and are looking for a supply of worms to sell directly to their customers.

Selling them to gardeners and garden nurseries. These places are great to sell worms too because they will sometimes buy your worms in bulk depending on the season and the demand. You can sell them to these places and they will resell them with a small markup.

You can sell your worms to Anglers and bait shops is also an excellent option to sell your worms in bulk.

Buy or make your own small worms farms and sell them as a starter farm package with your worms included. This is a great way to make new customers and help new worm farmers get started with their own worm farms.

Shipping your worms

You will want to make sure your worms are shipped correctly and get to the customer in healthy condition, it is best to sell them with peat moss in a breathable container in the spring and fall if you can not ship them in a heated environment. It is best to ask for express shipping to avoid that worm sitting in a container any longer than they have to at the post office and if you can ship them over night or next day would be the best options for shipping your worms.

Selling Worm Composting referred to as “Worm Castings”

Worms Castings is the by product of your worm farm and can be sold for a high value. It is referred to as Gardeners Gold because of its high nutrient content in a garden. You can use it indoors and outdoors, improves sprouting, promotes strong plant growth, increases moisture retention has a neutral PH and ’t’s easy to mix in with your soils.

As you can see it is a very value tool to have for a gardener.

To sell it you will need to separate the castings from your worms. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make smaller piles of worms and castings. You will then need to shine a bright light on the piles of worms and castings. This will drive the worms to the center of the piles making them easy to remove from the castings. You can either add the worms back to another new bin, a bin in progress or sell them using the methods earlier in this video.

Selling your worm castings

Once you have your castings ready you can bag them up in a breathable bag either plastic with holes or mesh. This will make it easy sell them in weighted amounts.

Most people sell worm castings by the pound, it is best to look at other prices to get an idea of how much you will be able to sell these by the bag in your area or though shipping.

You can sell you worm castings is much easier then selling worms if you have to do it though the mail. You only need to box or bag them up and send them out they will be fine being shipped over a longer period of time then the worms will be.

Selling your worm tea in small bottles

Another profitable thing that many worm farmers overlook is selling their worm tea from their worm farm. This can be mix with water about 1 part worm tea and 10 parts water. You can bottle this up and sell it as a very good fertilizer for house plants, gardens and potted plants. To keep it fresh in the long term you can keep it cool in a basement, and even only fill the bottle 1/3 and freeze the worm tea to keep it fresh for sale. You can easily sell this worm tea to gardeners that are looking for a nice organic nutrient for their plants.

Bottles of worm tea can go from anywhere to 5 or 6 dollars for a small bottle to 50 to 60 for a large bottle of tea.

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