How many Worms do you Need to Start a Worm Farm

How many worms do you need to start a worm farm.

How big is your bin going to be?

The first and one of the most import question you will need to ask yourselves is how big will my worm bin be when figuring out how many worms you will need to start your bin with. If you have already purchased a worm bin this will kind of decide for you in a way how many worms you are going to need for your bin.

Normally adding worms to your worm bin will range from ruffly form half pound of worms to one and half pounds of worms for every square foot. Your max density of worm is what you would have as the maximum number of worms you would want to start your worm bin with.

If you’re a new worm farmer you many want to start with a bit less worm then this just to be safe, if the worms think they are too many of them in the bin they may try to leave and you will want to avoid this happening with your new worm farm.

Starting with more worms

There are advantages to starting with more worms, the first one is that the worms will be able to process more food waste right from the start once they get settled into their new homes. The second on is that if they are more worms, they will be able to find each other easily and quicker there for being able to reproduce faster from the start.

If you are a veteran worm farmer, I recommend starting with more worms even up to 4 pounds of composting worms per square foot of worms. This will get you to your max processing of food waste as quickly as possible right out of the gate.

Do I have to worry about too many worms?

One thing you will never have to worry about in your bin is having too many worms if you are starting with the correct weight of worms in your bin. Worms are awesome at self-regulating their numbers, they will stop reproducing in numbers once they use up their space in the bin or food waste.

What does an average family need for their worm farm population?

On average a normal US adult will create between a half pound and a pound of food scrapes everyday in their household. So, a normal household will produce about 2 to 3 pounds of food scrape daily if they are eating at home regularly.

If you figure that a worm can eat about half their weight everyday you will need about 3 times the number of worms to keep up with your food waste with your worms and bin.

Using this math, you will need about 9 to 12 pounds of worms to keep up with your family’s food waste and prevent it from going to the landfill.

Starting with less or more worms Pro’s and Con’s.

Some of the Cons of starting with more worms, is you can start with too many worms and they will want to escape their bin. Another one would be that you are a beginner worm farmer and make a big mistake starting out and kill your worms you bought. This is why as a new worm farmer your better off starting with less worms. You population will take more time to get build up to full population.

Some pros of starting with more worms would be, you will have a larger population so you will get worm castings faster to start out. You will be able to add more food scraps and get your scrapes processed quicker having to throw out less scrapes. Your worm population will grow quicker with more worms getting your bin up to max population faster than with less worms.

I personally recommend to start with a fewer number of worms if you are a new farmer and starting with a larger population if you are an experience vermicomposter.

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